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                The Chengsan-Seletar CSC ActiveSG Badminton Tournament 2018 was held at Sengkang Sports Hall from 1stto 2ndDecember 2018.The tournament is held yearly since 2014 and have attracted many members of the public to participate and join in the game


                本次賽事的主辦單位為新加坡靜山㊣ -實裏達人民協會社區俱樂部與新加坡體育理好师侄事會,由中國偉士(廈門)體育用品有限公司全程贊助。

                This year, the magnitude of the tournament increased to a total of 12 different categories ranging from Boys under 13, 15, 17, to Mixed Open and Men Open and the senior citizen age group of 40-49years old, 50-59 years old and 60-69 years old. Total number of participants are above 300 people while family and friends crowded the 9-court badminton hall at Sengkang Sports Centre.The tournament has truly included members from all demographic and age range to join in a weekend of fun and friendly competition.


                WISH Sport is our proud sponsor for this tournament, providing for a weekend of fun filled fringe activities and try outs for the badminton racket.WISH product would decorate the prize presentation ceremony as satisfied winners take home WISH badminton bags, Rackets, Towels, Knee guard and many other badminton products. 


                WISH launch in Singapore is going to benefit the players here as they provide quality badminton racket and technology to level up the game play in Singapore. We hope to see you again in 2019!